Who Greenato is!

We started Greenato in order to source organic produce directly from
local farms in Philippines since 2015.

We’ve spent the past few years buliding a business and service that we ensure.
A service that makes the safest, most environmentally and ethically responsible
decisons while still focusing on freshness and, most importantly, taste.

We was (and still is) to provide a service where local farms and given priority and members
are able to access the freshest organic items available at a fair price with high quality.

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What is Calamansi

Scientific Name : Citrofortunella microcarpa

6 Ingredients

Hesperidin, Cinehulin, Vitamin-C, Cryptoxanthin, Nobiletin, Citric Acid

3 Tastes

Lemon + Grapefruit + Lime

Various uses for all kinds of cuisine

Calamansi is a popular citrofotunella; this means it is an intergenetic hybrid between the genes of a citrus and Kumquat.
Calamaansi is known by various names throughout the globe the most popular ones being calamonding,
calamondin orange, calamansi, calamandarin, golden lime, kalamunding, kalamansi, etc

Calamansi is widely cultivated in different parts of the world such as Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Southern China.

The pulp of the fruit is orange in color and has a very thin orange peel when it ripens.
Each fruit bears 8 to 12 seeds each.